Home is both setting and subject of the film. What happens when a home is lost? What is needed to rebuild one? And the difficulty of growing up, leaving, and creating a home of one’s own. At the end of Spencer’s year, a book of the girls’ poems has taken shape and he returns to the United States to edit and publish it. The writings are moving and complex, operating both as emotional touchstone and an inspiration for the mosaic structure of the film itself. The range of subjects are varied but return often to the nature of love and family, the pain of betrayal, and the mothers they lost or never had. Always a central back-drop is the frightening world that awaits them outside the thick steel gate. So when two of the 18 year olds graduate from the home, the film follows them out into the mean streets of the city. They both face the hard reality of a deeply challenged university system, the long hours of grinding, low paid jobs, and a society where the lives of girls and women are routinely denigrated and at risk. Like prodigal daughters, these now two educated and aspiring young women have returned to the maelstrom that cast them out over a decade before. They will endeavor to build a future in a place from which many of their peers are fleeing northwards in the hopes of re-writing the grim narrative that has made their homeland the murder capital of the world. The fate of both of them will remain, like Honduras itself, hanging in the balance. What will endure, indelibly, are lives expressed in poetry- written, spoken and lived out before our eyes. This film, like the poems within it, opens a door to an intimate universe. Voices will be heard, clearly and at long last, by a country that had no place for them and a world that, until now, has turned a deaf ear. For in the histories and hearts of these girls resonate quandaries that have drawn poets for millennia and are no less vital today. And in their emerging voices and lives there is something else revealed: a hope and a challenge; that the world might be home to us all.

Coley - Brothers and SistersColey - Brothers and SistersColey - Brothers and SistersColey - Brothers and Sisters